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To be empowered to do your best, your wellbeing needs to come first. Our benefits make it easy to prioritize health, work-life balance, and happiness. How do we achieve that?

Perks & Benefits

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Work-life balance

You probably ask yourself what a six-hour net working day actually means? Well, at FatCat, we focus on quality, not longer hours. That’s why you will work for six productive hours in total.

Productive hours include all work-related activities (meetings, emails, Slack, courses, etc.). Since you can take as many breaks as you want during the day, they won’t be included in productive hours. Having this in mind, you will work for six productive hours in total, but you will have the freedom to arrange these hours to fit your obligations and private life.

For all of us to thrive, it’s important to have the flexibility to work when our productivity is at its peak. Regularly, you should be available to reply to Slack messages from 10 AM to 4 PM CET.

It’s okay if you need to reduce your availability during those hours. If that happens, all you should do is notify your team on Slack about how long you will be absent. You can work from anywhere you like, as long as you have a stable internet connection and deliver your finest work. We will always respect your choice, but would love to see you in person from time to time.


Learning & Development time

As long as you have the desire to grow and improve, we are happy to help. Each month, you will receive a day off to focus on learning and developing your skills. You will get access to our Udemy library and be able to request additional courses, books, or any material you might need.

Since sharing is caring, FatCat employees organize knowledge-sharing sessions within teams, where you can teach your colleagues new things, and vice versa. All in all, you will have the opportunity to grow, both individually and with your work buddies.

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Healthcare & Wellbeing

We’re committed to keeping each employee healthy and happy through our private medical insurance. You will receive Delta Generali medical insurance that covers a long range of services to help you take the best care of your health.

Your family members are also viable for private health coverage. Becoming a parent is beautiful, but also carries a lot of responsibility with it. That is why, along with maternity care*, FatCat gives two weeks of parental leave to fathers.

*Maternity care covers the whole pregnancy and maternity period, including childbirth in a private institution, as well as the child care in the first two years.


Employee Events

When resting, FatCats know how to have a good time. Apart from the usual team building activities, you can join us for a game of billiards and beer any time you want.

Giving back to our local community is important for us, which is why you will also be able to participate in recycling and charity events. Regardless of the cause, all those events bring us together and help create a strong bond between employees.

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FatCat Extras

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